Hi, I am Jon.

Hi, I am Jon.





A little bit about me.

My name is Jonathan Muth and I am a web designer in his twenty-somethings from Friedrichshafen, Germany. I have been online for more than a decade. Which means that I built my first personal website before I got into middle school and learned how to code while my friends learned how to kiss. I eventually wrapped my head around Content-Management-Systems and began to redesign my personal blog on a somewhat quarterly basis – All without knowing that what I did for fun would turn out to be a valuable skill.


In 2008 I went on a student exchange to the United States where I spent 10 months in the beautiful city of Rochester, NY. At Rochester’s School of the Arts I first got more serious about graphic design and photography which quickly turned into more than a hobby. Through the help of some excellent teachers and the unconditional support of the best host family, I was able to stage my very own photo show and went on to my very first paid web design gigs.


Through a happy accident I ended up with an internship at SYNTAX – one of the Middle-East's most renowned design agencies. It was not until then that I realised I might have a talent in understanding the intersection of design and technology. Even though I had never worked in a professional environment before I was able to contribute from day one. Thanks is due to Ahmad Humeid and all my fabulous colleagues for making this wonderful experience possible.

Since then I have worked with various clients reaching from NGOs to medium sized businesses. As of now I am a student of Communication and Cultural Sciences at Zeppelin University splitting my time between the library and the code editor.

Summer 2013 I had the opportunity to work with elobau - a leading manufacturer of sensor technology. Together with Maximilian Illers I designed and programmed the touchscreen user interface for a new kind of employee self service terminal.

In late 2014 I joined edenspiekermann's development team for a three month long internship. I had the opportunity to work with an incredibly talented bunch of people on some projects larger than I ever imagined.

I spent all of 2015

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This is a collection of writings about my time as a student, my work as a designer and my odyssey as a coder. Here I am trying to make sense of it all for myself and for you too.

Write like a Pro

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Over the past five semesters at Zeppelin University I have gotten increasingly interested in how people write. And when I say write, I mean write scientifically. This is the first write-up in a series of articles in which I will share what I have learned. This article will cover my writing setup. I…

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Below you find a selection of projects I have worked on recently. Sadly I cannot show everything but this should leave you with a good impression of my way of doing things.

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If you would like work on a project together or have any questions regarding my work please do not hesitate to contact me. Say hi on twitter, have a look at my CV on LinkedIn, befriend me on Facebook or just send an email. I am looking forward to hearing from you.